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Valentine Gifts- Love

  • Black and Silver Combination
    $720.00 $500.00 Black and Silver Combination
    "Promise" Pendant Plus "Sliders" and black crystal beads Combination This combination of a pendant with two sliders, along with black and silver beads, make this one of the finest combination of ArtelEggs.  The...
  • Front
    $300.00 $170.00 Callalily Locket
    This exquisite locket features Swarovski crystal accents arrayed in a harlequin pattern and opens to reveal stunning coral-pink callalilies nestled behind emerald green heart-shaped leaves.  An exceptional...
  • l  PurpleGreen pendant with gold bail
    $190.00 $135.00 Crystal Beloved
    Rich enamel hues offset with sparkling Swarovski crystal accents showcase these delicate interlocking hearts.  Perfect as a manifestation of profound love, this pendant makes a perfect gift for anyone who wants to say,...
  • Harlequin Purse Locket with Surprise
    $260.00 $150.00 Harlequin Purse Locket with Surprise
    This contemporary design is actually a purse locket which opens to reveal a delightful surprise.  Customers can opt for a tiny frog surprise, a cellphone surprise or even a pistol surprise (it's NOT loaded) for all the...
  • Imperial Dynasty
    $300.00 $170.00 Imperial Dynasty
    Elegant pendant created from a sterling silver core with crisp Italian enamel hues symetrically applied in an angular, contemporary geometric pattern around the entire piece.  Timeless in its beauty and suitable for an...
  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 Key to my Heart Locket
    Intertwined hearts unite on the front (and back) of this locket as a manifestation of love and the piece open to reveal a tiny, gilded key.  Perfect for that special Valentine, for mom, or for any loved one...
  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 Key to My Heart Locket w/Keyhole
    The ultimate 'key to my heart' gift, this locket features a delicate red heart with a keyhole and opens to reveal a tiny gilded key (with heart-shaped handle)!!   This charmer runs neck and neck wit...
  • Black pendant with silver bale front
    $100.00 $60.00 Petite Catherine the Great
    Accented with a harlequin arrangement of Swarovski crystals, this small pendant is rich in its simplicity and its sizzle.  
  • Petite Dynasty Earrings
    $300.00 $170.00 Petite Dynasty Earrings
    Elegant earrings created from sterling silver cores with crisp Italian enamel hues symetrically applied in an angular, contemporary geometric pattern around each piece.  Timeless in their beauty and suitable for an...
  • Front
    $140.00 $80.00 Petite Heart
    For the one you love!  Small, but sensational, this tiny bauble exudes love and warmth.    This product has a 10% discount applied - for our...
  • Petite Impressive
    $230.00 $130.00 Petite Impressive
    Simple, yet stunning, this pendant incorporates a minimalist filigree approach to accentuate the semiprecious gemstone housed in it's lattice work.
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Reticulated Heart
    A shimmering Swarovski crystal ring surrounds the centerpiece of this pendant -- a glistening Swarovski crystal heart.  Accented with rich, Italian enamels and a garnet accent at the bottom, this pendant is perfect as a...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Reticulated Interlocked Hearts
    With elegant interlocking hearts framed by exquisite guilloche, crystal and enamel work, this pendant is a perfect choice as an expression of love for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, a birthday, or an anniversary.  The...
  • Front
    $170.00 $100.00 Reticulated Orchid
    Delicate reticulated orchid petals emanate from within the recesses of lush green leaves, making this pendant a simple, but elegant addition to any collection.  The reverse side of this pendant is enschouded in a green...
  • Blue Pendant
    $140.00 $80.00 Reticulated Violets
    Elegant in its simplicity, this wonderful reticulated pendant features four delicate violets nestled on a filigree mesh on each side and pastel enamel hues throughout.  (The front and back sides of this pendant are...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Rose
    A luscious, red rose blossom nestles amid exceptional enamel and guilloche work, making this pendant the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, an anniversary or birthday.  The reverse side of this pendant...
  • Front
    $300.00 $180.00 Royal Embroidery
    Another top-selling Artel choice, this wonderful pendant manifests all that Faberge sought when creating his original pieces -- exquisite guilloche work, shimmering gemstone and Swarovski accents, and rich enamel hues which...
  • Red pendant with Gold bale
    $170.00 $110.00 Simplicity
    The simple elegance and wonderful enamel hues of this egg pendant make it a perennial best seller.  We offer it is some exceptionally stunning colors which are sure to please even the most discerning customer. ...
  • Small Pisanki
    $190.00 $110.00 Small Pisanki
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  • Snowflake
    $140.00 $80.00 Snowflake
    Adorned with glistening Swarovski-accented falling snowflakes on Italian enamel backgrounds, this pendant is perfect for the winter aficionado or ski enthusiast.  (The front and back sides of this locket are mirror...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Snowflake/Snowman Locket
    Adorned with glistening Swarovski-accented falling snowflakes on Italian enamel backgrounds, this locket opens to reveal a Snowman surprise inside.  (The front and back sides of this pendant are mirror images...
  • BlavkRed pendant with gold bale
    $140.00 $60.00 Solace
    Delicate geometric filigree accents and rich enamel hues enshroud a Swarovski crystal solitaire.  (The front and back sides of this pendant are mirror images of one another.)
  • Black pendant with gold bail front
    $190.00 $135.00 Soulmate (2 hearts unite to form egg pendant)
    Classic in its styling and contemporary in its message, this wonderful piece is fashioned from symmetric heartpatterns of alternating Italian enamels and Swarovski crystals (one heart is inverted while the other is...
  • Same Black Gold Earrings but different angle
    $220.00 Soulmate Earrings
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  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 Spontaneity
    Contemporary in its styling, this pendant features concentric half-moon geometric patterns accented with Swarovski crystals.  Beautiful when worn as a solitaire, this pendant is eggceptionally speggtacular when combined...
  • Blue GoldFront
    $140.00 $80.00 Sunburst
    Featuring multi-hued geometric lines which spiral outward from a Swarovski crystal center, this piece blends contemporary style with traditional techniques to create an beautiful pendant.  (The front and back sides of...
  • Tropical Sunset
    $170.00 $100.00 Tropical Sunset
    Beckoning all who see this lovely pendant to pack up their bags and head out to warmer climes, this pendant features a sailing vessel passing by a deserted tropical island with a blazing sunset gracing the opposite side...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Unique
    Featuring a variety of semiprecious polished stone or faceted crystal cores, this magnificent pendant exhibits exceptionally outstanding guilloche and enameling workmanship and is accented with a Swarovski...
  • Water Lily Blossom
    $260.00 $155.00 Water Lily Blossom
    This exquisite pendant features magnificent guilloche and enameled leaves draped down over a semiprecious stone core with a glistening fan-shaped bale.  A fantastic addition to any collection, this pendant is a...

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