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ALL kinds of sports are included

  • Basketball Pendant
    $100.00 Basketball Pendant
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  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 Canada-US Soccerball Surprise Locket
    This wonderful locket features the American flag on one side and Canada's Maple Leaf standard on the other.  Inside, a golden soccer ball or a gilded angel are available surprises for the wearer.  
  • Red & White Football
    $140.00 $100.00 Football Pendant
  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 NASCAR Locket
    Featuring a "finish line flag" enamel exterior, this wonderful locket opens to reveal a NASCAR-style sedan.  Perfect for any NASCAR fan or race aficionado.  Also available, on request, with a Formula I car surprise...
  • Front
    $170.00 $100.00 Soccerball
    For the soccer enthusiast, whether she plays, coaches, is a "Soccer Mom" or just a fan of the game.  A wonderful conversation piece and the envy of every other fan in the stands!!  
  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 Tarheel
    Is any shade of blue prettier than "Carolina Blue"?  This delightful piece enjoys enormous popularity among the UNC fans and alumni.  This locket features Swarovski crystals arranged in a harlequin...
  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 Wolfpack
    This locket features a red and white scallop-shaped/fish-scale pattern and opens to reveal a howling wolf -- one which is ready for any challengers.  Perfect for the NC State fan or graduate!! ...

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