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4th of July

  • Blue
    $260.00 $155.00 American Standard
    The spectacular rendition of America's "Stars and Stripes" unfurls across a richly-hued backdrop of either red or white or blue Italian enamel.  Swarovski crystal lines are interspersed with enamel stripes on the...
  • Front
    $190.00 $110.00 Beloved Patriot
    This heart, fashioned from the American flag, is timeless in its beauty and elegant in its charm, making it a perfect pendant choice for your beloved patriot.  (The front and back sides of this pendant are...
  • Front
    $390.00 $230.00 Capitol Dome Locket (with Pentagon or Statue of Liberty surprise)
    This magnificent locket features a miniature replica of the U.S. Capitol Dome in Washington DC with a 24kt gold filigree inscription, "UNITED WE STAND" around the center circumference of the piece.  It opens to reveal...
  • Blue with Gold Bale
    $100.00 Locomotive Pendant
    Type a description for this product here...  This K-4 Locomotive is exact in every detail and captures the essence of the most prolific engine that has ever carried a passenger or hauled a load across American railways...
  • Front
    $170.00 $100.00 Patriotic Acorn
    This acorn-shaped delight pays homage to "Old Glory" with its rich red, white, and blue enamel hues and Swarovski crystal accents.  A star bale accents the piece.  (The front and back sides of this pendant are...
  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 Patriotic Flag Locket with Surprise
    With "Old Glory" proudly displayed on both sides, this tiny locket opens to reveal a gilded guardian angel surprise.
  • Front
    $190.00 $95.00 Rounded Patriot
    Simple in its design and styling, this pendant is one of our top three patriotic choices.  Luscious red Italian enamel stripes, separated with shimmering Swarovski crystal bands rest beneath a deep blue "sky" filled...
  • Front
    $170.00 $100.00 Ruffled Flag
    This beautiful pendant features the Manhattan skyline with World Trade Center towers on one side, with the other side comprised of a ruffled American flag with gilded 9 - 11 - 2011 numbers inscribed on...
  • Front
    $140.00 $100.00 Ruffled Flag with Eagle
    Featuring a filigree American Bald Eagle on one side and a portion of the Stars and Stripes on the other, this piece is a wonderful addition to any collection and is perfect for wear on the Fourth of July or to any patriotic...
  • Front
    $170.00 $100.00 Snorkeling
    Another Artel original, this piece is perfect for the beach lover, snorkeler, scuba-diver or naturalist.  Available in several color combinations, this wonderful selection features a scallop, clam, seastar, seahorse and...

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