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Set Combinations

Very Special combinations of earings and necklaces or pearl necklaces and pendants.  There are various types of combinations so have a look and you may fall in love with a combination you cannot live without.

  • Black and Silver Combination
    $720.00 $500.00 Black and Silver Combination
    "Promise" Pendant Plus "Sliders" and black crystal beads Combination This combination of a pendant with two sliders, along with black and silver beads, make this one of the finest combination of ArtelEggs.  The...
  • Combination 1
    $580.00 $335.00 Combination 1
    These wonderful 8262 "Carnival" orb solitaires sizzle!!!  Worn individually or in sets (either paired with one another or in combination with an #8262 pendant), this slider is a phenomenal and unique...
  • Combination 3
    $290.00 $170.00 Combination 3
    This unique "Mardi Gras Crystal Slider" features contemporary styling and can be worn alone as a solitare or with a second slider as a pair to provide an exquisite accent to #7235 Pendant.  With concentric...
  • Combination 4
    $490.00 $280.00 Combination 4
    Silver cultured Pearls combined with a "Promise" Pendant (105300_9097) connected with an enhancer. A "Top Ten" selection and perennial favorite among our collectors.  This is the proverbial "pendant that started...
  • Combination 5
    $370.00 $215.00 Combination 5
    Navy Cultured Pearls with Canival Pendant (103710_8262) connected with an enhancer. Available as a monochromatic or two-colored pendant, this piece features phenomenal Swarovski crystal accents and is perfect as a solitaire...
  • Combination 6
    $580.00 $335.00 Combination 6
    These wonderful 8262S Carnival orb solitaires sizzle!!!  Worn individually or in sets (either with one or more matching sliders, or in a matching pair to accent an #8262 pendant centerpiece),...
  • Combination 7
    $330.00 $195.00 Combination 7
    These wonderful orb solitaires sizzle!!!  Worn individually or in sets (either with one another or with an #8262 pendant), this slider is a phenomenal and unique addition to any collection. ...
  • Combination 8
    $290.00 $170.00 Combination 8
    This unique "slider" set features contemporary styling and elegant symmetry.  The 7235 slider centerpiece can be worn alone as a solitare or, as pictured, with accent pieces to which enhance the...
  • Blue Gold combination
    $720.00 $415.00 Combination 9
    This magnificent slider set integrates a pair of our "Elegance" (#9074) sliders with glistening gold-filled or silver beads and crystal accents.  This is the finest in a series of eggsquisite slider sets from...
  • Imperial Dynasty Set
    $600.00 $360.00 Imperial Dynasty Set
    This elegant earring and pendant ensemble features sterling silver cores with crisp, Italian enamel hues, symmetrically applied in an angular, contemporary geometric pattern around each piece.  This set is timeless in...
  • Front
    $390.00 $180.00 Jack-o-Lantern Set
    Ideal for Halloween or the entire fall season, this Jack-o-Lantern will amaze all onlookers as it is actually a carved Jack-o-Lantern -- not simply a pumpkin with black enameled mouth and eyes.  We actually use...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Miniature Narcissus Set
    Delicate Reticulated Narcissus emerging from foliage, Pedant and Earring set.
  • Front
    $300.00 $140.00 Miniature Card Pendant with Matching Earrings
    Each piece in this earring and pendant set features all four different suits in the standard deck of cards.  A perfect jewelry combination for the dedicated card player...
  • Front
    $440.00 $220.00 USMC Set
    Perfect for "Commandant" at home, this set includes our exquisite Marine Corps pendant and matching earrings.  The pendant, alone, auctioned for $3000 at the Pentagon Federal Credit Union Night of Heroes and is owned by...

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