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  • Top of Aladin's Lamp in Purple
    $180.00 Aladdin's Lamp
    Type a description for this product here...  From afar, this pendant evokes a curious, inquisitive stare.  Is it an egg?  Is it a locket?  Is it flat or does it have depth?  Like the mysteries of the...
  • Pink bow pendant with gold bale
    $230.00 $135.00 BCS Locket
    This awe-inspiring locket pays tribute to the fortitude and spirit of countless loved ones whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.  Featuring a pink Swarovski crystal accented ribbon embedded on a white,...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Bridge Partner/Texas Hold 'Em
    Perfect for the Bridge or Poker player in your circle of friends and loved ones, this piece features a winning hand of four aces fashioned from fine filigree and Swarovski crystals.  Great as a gift for the new Life...
  • Light Green pendant with gold bale front
    $260.00 $155.00 Bridge Partner/Texas Hold 'Em - More
    Perfect for the Bridge or Poker player in your circle of friends and loved ones, this piece features a winning hand of four aces fashioned from fine filigree and Swarovski crystals.  Great as a gift for the new Life...
  • Bridge/Texas Hold 'Em Earrings
    $80.00 Bridge/Texas Hold 'Em Earrings
    Type a description for this product here...
  • Front
    $300.00 $170.00 Callalily Locket
    This exquisite locket features Swarovski crystal accents arrayed in a harlequin pattern and opens to reveal stunning coral-pink callalilies nestled behind emerald green heart-shaped leaves.  An exceptional...
  • Red
    $170.00 $100.00 Card Earrings
    These charming earrings are the perfect gift for every card aficionado.  Whether your game is bridge, whist, Texas Hold 'Em or even Three Card Monty, these earrings make a perfect accessory and a great conversation...
  • Blue with Silver Bale
    $135.00 Charity
    Type a description for this product here...  This exquisite pendant debuted at the Detroit Institute of Arts Faberge exhibit (Jan 2013) and is one of four pieces created directly from the sketchpad of the master,...
  • Czarevich Imperial Egg
    $1,000.00 $600.00 Czarevich Imperial Egg
    Stunning and magnificent, this replica of the Czarevich egg locket which resides permanently in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts collection was commissioned by the VMFA to be created to celebrate their grand reopening in May...
  • Front
    $170.00 $100.00 DAR Pendant
    Created in 2009 to support the President General's Special Project, this piece was designed by Artel under the watchful eye of the DAR National leadershp with a portion of the proceeds provided to the DAR coffers...
  • Dogwood Locket with Cardinal Surprise
    $230.00 $130.00 Dogwood Locket with Cardinal Surprise
    A Mid-Atlantic locket which celebrates the beautiful, fiery cardinal and the delicate blossoms of the Dogwood tree.  The cardinal, perched atop a dogwood branch, drops out and passes through a small hole at the bottom...
  • BlackBlue with Silvert Bale
    $135.00 Effervescence
    Type a description for this product here... This exquisite pendant debuted at the Detroit Institute of Arts Faberge exhibit (Jan 2013) and is one of four pieces created directly from the sketchpad of the master, himself...
  • Egyptian in Black
    $155.00 Egyptian
    Type a description for this product here...  Exquisite Egyptian heiroglyphs accent the fascade of this pendant, evoking images of mankind's early roots near the rivers of Babylon.  Available in 24kt yellow gold...
  • Elephant Locket
    $230.00 $120.00 Elephant Locket
    Delicate geometric filigree accents and rich enamel hues enshroud a Swarovski crystal solitaire on each side of this locket.  (The front and back sides of this locket are mirror images of one another.)  This item...
  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 Fleur de Lis Locket with an Elephant inside
    This beautiful locket features rich red enamel hues with a delicate fleur du lis centered on each side of the locket.  The piece opens to reveal a tiny gilded elephant surprise, perfect for the nearest "Delta"...
  • front
    $230.00 $135.00 Gilded Byzantine Cross
    With delicate multi-hued enamel accents on a gilded filigree background, this magnificent pendant features a delicate cross on the front and a gilded Romonov double-headed eagle crest on the back.  This pendant is a...
  • Humpty Dumpty (with hat)
    $190.00 $110.00 Humpty Dumpty (with hat)
    Created by Artel's owner to commemorate his daughter's graduation from the College of William & Mary and selection as an elementary school teacher working in Teach For America, this marvelous and whimsical pendant...
  • Black with Silver Bale
    $135.00 Imperial Crystal Scrolls
    Type a description for this product here...  Glistening Swarovski crystals circumnavigate this exquisite piece in a flowing woven pattern.  Rich translucent enamel hues shimmer as light passes thru to the intricate...
  • Imperial Dynasty
    $300.00 $170.00 Imperial Dynasty
    Elegant pendant created from a sterling silver core with crisp Italian enamel hues symetrically applied in an angular, contemporary geometric pattern around the entire piece.  Timeless in its beauty and suitable for an...
  • Imperial Peacock Pendant
    $300.00 $180.00 Imperial Peacock Pendant
    Another Artel masterpiece exclusive.  This wonderful new addition to the Artel collection represents our enhancement to Faberge's original "Pine Cone" egg design.  A delicate imperial peacock majestically adorns...
  • Purple with Gold Bale
    $390.00 $230.00 Imperial St Basil Locket
    Another Artel masterpiece, this exceptionally elegant, reticulated locket features rich filigree and guilloche work and opes to reveal a breath-takingly stunning replica of St. Basil's cathedral adorned in 24kt gold vermeil...
  • Front
    $170.00 $100.00 Jack-o-Lantern
    Ideal for Halloween or the entire fall season, this Jack-o-Lantern will amaze all onlookers as it is actually a carved Jack-o-Lantern -- not simply a pumpkin with black enameled mouth and eyes.  We actually use...
  • Judge Advocate General Small Pendant
    $50.00 $30.00 Judge Advocate General Small Pendant
    Type a description for this product here...
  • Blue with Gold Bale
    $100.00 Locomotive Pendant
    Type a description for this product here...  This K-4 Locomotive is exact in every detail and captures the essence of the most prolific engine that has ever carried a passenger or hauled a load across American railways...
  • Front
    $190.00 $95.00 Majestic Elephant
    Can you say "Delta Sigma Theta"?  Whether you are a "Delta" sister or simply a fan of elephants, you will love the exquisite miniature, gilded elephant from which this exquisite crystal-scalloped pendant...
  • Front
    $190.00 $110.00 Mardi Gras Clown
    Known to make onlookers smile, this magnificant Mardi Gras pendant is made from sterling silver core with 24 kt gold vermeil and fine Italian enamals.  It manifests the essence of Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras and...
  • Front
    $100.00 $60.00 Miniature Card Pendant
    This miniature pendant is a wonderful accessory or gift for every card aficionado, regardless of whether you game is bridge, poker, whist, or even 3-cad Monty!  Matching earrings are available and are sold separately...
  • Front
    $300.00 $140.00 Miniature Card Pendant with Matching Earrings
    Each piece in this earring and pendant set features all four different suits in the standard deck of cards.  A perfect jewelry combination for the dedicated card player...
  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 NASCAR Locket
    Featuring a "finish line flag" enamel exterior, this wonderful locket opens to reveal a NASCAR-style sedan.  Perfect for any NASCAR fan or race aficionado.  Also available, on request, with a Formula I car surprise...
  • Front
    $600.00 $360.00 Nativity
    This magnificent Artel original is the centerpiece of our Christmas collection - our copyrighted Imperial Nativity Locket.  Each nativity egg is hard-enameled down to the most minute of details including the eye of...
  • Olympian front in Green
    $135.00 Olympian
    Type a description for this product here...  For the sports buffs and athletes, this pendant pays tribute to the sacrifice and commitment of athletes around the world who dedicate themselves to the pursuit of physical...
  • Front
    $300.00 $155.00 Order of the Eastern Star
    This pendant pays homage to the civic contribution and community service of the members of The Order of the Eastern Star. ($10 from each pendan sold is contributed to the OES National coffers.)
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Ornate Czarina
    A delicate, Swarovski crystal accented wreath of tiny enameled leaves enshrouds the stone core of this wonderful pendant and make this piece a favorite among our collectors.  Available in sterling or yellow gold finish,...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Ovchinnikov
    A long-standing favorite among our collectors, this "Ovchinnikov" pendant is a quintessential beauty in our line and blends contemporary styling with all the traditional filigree, guilloche and enamel work for which Faberge...
  • Front
    $170.00 $110.00 Palmetto Egg (Large)
    This pendant features a palm tree nestled beneath a crescent moon and makes a perfect pendant selection for any tropical outfit and, of course, for our friends across South Carolina and the Caribbean.  The...
  • Front
    $140.00 $100.00 Palmetto Egg (Small)
    This wonderful Artel original features a palm tree nestled beneath a glistening crescent moon.  Perfect for any Palmetto State resident or aficionado of the tropics, this pendant is available in a myriad of colors,...
  • Pharaoh in Green
    $155.00 Pharaoh
  • Multi-color with Gold Bale
    $135.00 Rainbow Locket
    Type a description for this product here...  This richly-hued Rainbow Locket opens to reveal a wonderful surprise -- a lucky leprechaun's pot of gold coins!!  The pot of gold can be worn nested inside the locket or...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Reticulated Elephant
    Perfect (in red, of course) for the "Delta" in your life -- or in any color for the countless elephant aficionados out there, this wonderful bauble features an exquisite sterling elephant centered within a Swarovski...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Reticulated Interlocked Hearts
    With elegant interlocking hearts framed by exquisite guilloche, crystal and enamel work, this pendant is a perfect choice as an expression of love for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, a birthday, or an anniversary.  The...

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