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    $170.00 $110.00 Alhambra
    With a moniker that hearkens to the allure of the hidden secrets Granada, Spain's palace, this piece features mystical enamel accents and a subtle blend of Ottoman-influenced style.  Captivating and understated,...
  • Czarevich Imperial Egg
    $1,000.00 $600.00 Czarevich Imperial Egg
    Stunning and magnificent, this replica of the Czarevich egg locket which resides permanently in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts collection was commissioned by the VMFA to be created to celebrate their grand reopening in May...
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    $260.00 $155.00 Czarina's Headdress
    Since our founding in the early 1990's, Czarina's Headdress has perennially been a favorite of our collection.  Simple in its styling and elegant in its presentation, this pendant is a...
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    $140.00 $100.00 Debut
    Rich Italian enamels and Swarovski crystal accents help to create this stunning pendant.  (The front and back sides of this pendant are identical, mirror images of one another.)  The bale is always gold.
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    $190.00 $135.00 Dynasty
    Contemporary and breathtakingly beautiful, this pendant is a perennial favorite among our collectors. This piece is showcases the underlying guilloche work, for which many original Faberge pieces were famous, along with...
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    $140.00 $80.00 Enamel DH Romanov Eagle
    The double-headed Romanov eagle crest adorns the front of this fine enameled guilloche pendant.
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    $230.00 $135.00 Gilded Byzantine Cross
    With delicate multi-hued enamel accents on a gilded filigree background, this magnificent pendant features a delicate cross on the front and a gilded Romonov double-headed eagle crest on the back.  This pendant is a...
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    $190.00 $110.00 Gilded Byzantine Crucifix
    A beautiful Orthodox Cross radiates from one side of this exquisite pendant, offset with an equally stunning 24kt vermeil double-headed Romanov eagle crest on the opposite side.  Italian enamel accents...
  • Imperial Matryoshka Locket
    $500.00 $280.00 Imperial Matryoshka Locket
    Another incredible Artel original.  It took American designers to create something soooooo Russian, even our Russian jewelers declared, "Thees eees veddy good!!!"   A locket within a locket, this Imperial...
  • Imperial Scalloped Pendant
    $260.00 $155.00 Imperial Scalloped Pendant
    This wonderful new addition to the Artel collection replicates and refines Faberge's original "Pine Cone" egg design.  A delicate, Swarovski crystal accented scalloped design drapes around exquisite guilloche...
  • Purple with Gold Bale
    $390.00 $230.00 Imperial St Basil Locket
    Another Artel masterpiece, this exceptionally elegant, reticulated locket features rich filigree and guilloche work and opes to reveal a breath-takingly stunning replica of St. Basil's cathedral adorned in 24kt gold vermeil...
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    $260.00 $155.00 Ovchinnikov
    A long-standing favorite among our collectors, this "Ovchinnikov" pendant is a quintessential beauty in our line and blends contemporary styling with all the traditional filigree, guilloche and enamel work for which Faberge...
  • Blue pendant with gold bale
    $390.00 $220.00 Ovchinnikov Butterfly
    This magnificent Imperial Butterfly locket features exquisite filigree work immersed in beautiful enamel hues.  The body of the butterfly serves as a hinge to allow the wearer to open her locket and see it in all of its...
  • Black pendant with silver bale front
    $100.00 $60.00 Petite Catherine the Great
    Accented with a harlequin arrangement of Swarovski crystals, this small pendant is rich in its simplicity and its sizzle.  
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    $100.00 $60.00 Petite Flair
    This small pendant features exquisite filigree accents and enamel hues in a uniquely distinctive pattern and is perfect as a pendant for a charm bracelet or as a subtle accessory for someone desiring a more petite,...
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    $190.00 $110.00 Petite Tzarina
    With gilded tassels and an elegant Swarovski crystal accented setting, this delightful and elegantly simple pendant is perfect for any occasion and is available with an onyx, amber or malachite stone.   (The...
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    $260.00 $155.00 Regal
    Featuring exquisite guilloche detailing and fine filigree tassels which drape down to encase a shimmering pearl, this pendant makes an eggsquisite solitaire or accent to a strand of your own pearls.  (Our connector...
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    $260.00 $155.00 Royal Czarina
    Beautiful guilloche and enamel draperies trace down to elegant filigree tassels which encase a beautiful semiprecious stone or faceted crystal core to make this piece a shimmering addition to any outfit.  Available in a...
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    $300.00 $180.00 Royal Embroidery
    Another top-selling Artel choice, this wonderful pendant manifests all that Faberge sought when creating his original pieces -- exquisite guilloche work, shimmering gemstone and Swarovski accents, and rich enamel hues which...
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    $260.00 $155.00 Royal Gift
    With a tasseled bow accenting the frame of this pendant and wonderful stone center, this magnificent piece showcases exceptional filigree work and is available with your choice of a multitude of semiprecious stones or pearl...
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    $300.00 $155.00 Royal Samovar
    Few items are more symbolic of Russian heritage than the traditional samovar -- teapot.  This elegant piece has been created in exacting detail to replicate the image of this bastion of Russian home life. ...
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    $170.00 $100.00 Royal Surprise (Bow, Star, etc.)
    This pendant features an abundance of Swarovski crystal and fine filigree work which accentuate the reticulated centerpiece (your choice of a cross, a star or a bow).  The reverse side features additional filigree...
  • Red pendant with Gold bale
    $170.00 $110.00 Simplicity
    The simple elegance and wonderful enamel hues of this egg pendant make it a perennial best seller.  We offer it is some exceptionally stunning colors which are sure to please even the most discerning customer. ...
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    $140.00 $90.00 Sincerity
    This pendant features all the techniques which helped Fabergé skyrocket to fame -- exquisite filigree work, flawless guilloché detailing and jeweled accents.  Swarovski crystals and a pearl complement the...
  • Sincerity Locket
    $230.00 $135.00 Sincerity Locket
    This locket features all the techniques which helped Fabergé skyrocket to fame -- exquisite filigree work, flawless guilloché detailing and jeweled accents.  Swarovski crystals and a pearl complement...
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    $230.00 $135.00 Spontaneity
    Contemporary in its styling, this pendant features concentric half-moon geometric patterns accented with Swarovski crystals.  Beautiful when worn as a solitaire, this pendant is eggceptionally speggtacular when combined...
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    $260.00 $155.00 Unique
    Featuring a variety of semiprecious polished stone or faceted crystal cores, this magnificent pendant exhibits exceptionally outstanding guilloche and enameling workmanship and is accented with a Swarovski...

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