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    $260.00 $155.00 Amphib I Am
    An exquisite emerald-green frog scales the Belleek patterned leaves which grace the sides of this pendant.  Charming in its styling and its simplicity, this pendant makes a great gift selection or addition to any...
  • Black Tie Affair
    $170.00 $100.00 Black Tie Affair
    Ready for any "Black Tie Affair", this conspicuous little charmer blends unique styling, neutral colors and some delightful innocence to create a wonderful fashion accent and fun conversation piece.
  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 Butterfly Blossom Locket
    Covered in multi-hued, delicate blossoms -- each of which has a Swarovski crystal center -- this charming locket opens to reveal an exquisite enameled butterfly.
  • Red with Gold Bale
    $140.00 $80.00 Butterfly Delight
    With a centerline fashioned from Swarovski crystal accents, this pendant showcases richly-hued enameled blossoms which would certainly serve to delight any passing butterfly...
  • Blue pendant
    $230.00 $135.00 Butterfly Surprise Locket
    Featuring wonderful Italian enamel accents, this beautiful locket opens to reveal a charming miniature butterfly.
  • Red with Gold Bale
    $110.00 Cartoon Cat Pendant
    Type a description for this product here...  For the mischievous or feline-friendly, this whimsical cat (and Garfield look-alike) is ready to accompany its wearer to an evening out on the town and is sure to be the...
  • Purple pendant with Gold bale
    $230.00 $130.00 Cat Locket
    The purrfect locket for feline lovers -- a wonderful blend of Swarovski crystal accents and rich enamel hues dominate both fascades of this locket which opens to reveal one of the cutest cats imaginable.  Available in...
  • Determined (with hummingbird bale)
    $230.00 $155.00 Determined (with hummingbird bale)
    Determined to carry away the Swarovski crystal accented bundle of blossoms, this gilded hummingbird adorns a sarkling and spEGGtacular pendant and makes a wonderful addition to any collection.  (The front and back sides...
  • Dogwood Locket with Cardinal Surprise
    $230.00 $130.00 Dogwood Locket with Cardinal Surprise
    A Mid-Atlantic locket which celebrates the beautiful, fiery cardinal and the delicate blossoms of the Dogwood tree.  The cardinal, perched atop a dogwood branch, drops out and passes through a small hole at the bottom...
  • Elephant Locket
    $230.00 $120.00 Elephant Locket
    Delicate geometric filigree accents and rich enamel hues enshroud a Swarovski crystal solitaire on each side of this locket.  (The front and back sides of this locket are mirror images of one another.)  This item...
  • Black with Gold Bale
    $135.00 Elephant Pendant
    Type a description for this product here...  Oversized enamel ears can't divert anyone's attention away from the adorable expression on this elephant's face!!! This pendant evokes an endless array of comments about how...
  • Flamingo/Manatee
    $230.00 $130.00 Flamingo/Manatee
    I may be going out on a limb here, but we think this Artel original ought to be considered for appointment as the official State Pendant for Florida!  Exquisite pink flamingos in various postures grace the full...
  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 Fleur de Lis Locket with an Elephant inside
    This beautiful locket features rich red enamel hues with a delicate fleur du lis centered on each side of the locket.  The piece opens to reveal a tiny gilded elephant surprise, perfect for the nearest "Delta"...
  • front of Flying Pink Pig
    $130.00 Flying Pig Pendant
    If you ever wanted a wimsucal pendant or you wish for something "when pigs fly" then this pendant is for you!  Comments are this pendant is so cute they cannot pass it up.  They are going fast so you better order...
  • Front
    $140.00 $80.00 Gilded Crystal Ladybug
    With wings gently opened to reveal a bevy of beautiful Swarovski crystals, this wonderful ladybug bauble is ready to fly straight to someone's heart.   (The front and back sides of this pendant are identical...
  • Front
    $140.00 $80.00 Gilded Swan
    Featuring a gilded swan silhouette on a richly enameled background, this pendant reminds us of the beauty of Swan Lake.
  • Black with Silver Bale
    $110.00 Hedgehog Pendant
    Type a description for this product here...  It really doesn't get much cuter or more whimsical than our hedgehog.  This little "critter" has created quite a buzz with egg aficionados since it's release in fall of...
  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 Hibiscus Locket
    Straight from the "Isla del Encanto" (Puerto Rico -- the Isle of Enchantment), this spectacular locket is another Artel original created for the Pagan-Pacheco family and worn by a former Miss Puerto Rico and former Miss...
  • Front
    $230.00 $135.00 Horse Locket (small)
    Available in a myriad of styles and colors, our small horse lockets feature exquisite workmanship and each one opens to reveal a wonderful gilded stallion surprise.  Please contact us to determine style and color...
  • Humpty Dumpty (with hat)
    $190.00 $110.00 Humpty Dumpty (with hat)
    Created by Artel's owner to commemorate his daughter's graduation from the College of William & Mary and selection as an elementary school teacher working in Teach For America, this marvelous and whimsical pendant...
  • Blue with GFold Bale
    $155.00 Imperial Escargot
    Type a description for this product here...  This delightful pendant features richly-hued enamel work accenting undulating guilloche shell halves which open (on both sides of the pendant) to reveal a tiny glistening...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Imperial Fish
    Look closely and this magnificent collage of colors will practically "jump" out at you to reveal a multihued Asian Fighting Fish.  This piece is stunning in its styling and its coloration.  Garnet caboshon eyes...
  • Imperial Gilded Fish
    $190.00 $110.00 Imperial Gilded Fish
    An exquisite and charming pendant, featuring exceptional filigree work and mesmerizing hues delicately applied to the fish scales, accented with garnet caboshon eyes.  
  • Purple with Gold Bale
    $155.00 Imperial Oyster with Pearl Surprise
    Type a description for this product here...  Like its Imperial Escargot cousin, this piece features exquisite enamel work and righly-hued enamel accents.  The design is flawless and effortlessly captures the simple...
  • Imperial Peacock Pendant
    $300.00 $180.00 Imperial Peacock Pendant
    Another Artel masterpiece exclusive.  This wonderful new addition to the Artel collection represents our enhancement to Faberge's original "Pine Cone" egg design.  A delicate imperial peacock majestically adorns...
  • Red with Gold Bale
    $110.00 Kissing Fish
    Type a description for this product here...  Multihued scales grace the sides of this wonderful little bauble, but the feature which gets all the notice is the pair of pursed lips, hankering for a big smooch.  This...
  • Front
    $190.00 $95.00 Majestic Elephant
    Can you say "Delta Sigma Theta"?  Whether you are a "Delta" sister or simply a fan of elephants, you will love the exquisite miniature, gilded elephant from which this exquisite crystal-scalloped pendant...
  • Front
    $140.00 $80.00 Majestic Swan
    An ornately enameled filigree swan adorns both sides of this exquisite pendant.
  • Blue pendant with gold bale
    $390.00 $220.00 Ovchinnikov Butterfly
    This magnificent Imperial Butterfly locket features exquisite filigree work immersed in beautiful enamel hues.  The body of the butterfly serves as a hinge to allow the wearer to open her locket and see it in all of its...
  • Blue with Gold Bale
    $110.00 Panda Pendant
    Type a description for this product here... Is there anything more cuddly than a panda?  Maybe its cousins -- koala bears and teddy bears.  Still, this cuddly guy comes bearing gifts -- a wonderful semiprecious...
  • Front
    $170.00 $100.00 Pastel Ladybug
    Featuring a wonderfully-charming ladybug on the front and exqusite filigree enamel blossoms on the reverse, this piece is a great choice for any gardener or lover of ladybugs. 
  • RedBlack pendant with gold bail front
    $100.00 $80.00 Petite Butterfly
    This miniature butterfly features tiny Swarovski crystal accents in its delicately enameled wings and rests atop an enamel backdrop.  The reverse side of this pendant features four delicate enamel petalls...
  • Front
    $100.00 $60.00 Petite Golden Ladybug
    This delightful ladybug pendant features a silver- or gold-and-black banded pattern on one side and a charming, black-spotted ladybug on the other.  Perfect as a solitare pendant or as a charm for any bracelet. ...
  • Petite Ladybug Crystal Earrings
    $130.00 Petite Ladybug Crystal Earrings
    Type a description for this product here...
  • Red with Gold Bale
    $110.00 Piglet Pendant
    Type a description for this product here...  If ever there was a cute little piglet waiting to be worn, this is it.  Exquisite in its detail (check out the curly tail!!), this wonderful little "critter" has been in...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Reticulated Carousel
    This delightful carousel features a pony, a swan an elephant and a rabbit and recalls the ecstasy of youthful days at carnivals and fairgrounds.  This carousel is available in 24kt gold vermeil or 925 sterling...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Reticulated Cat
    Purrrrfect for the femme fatale or feline aficionado in your life, this wonderful bauble features a magnificent cat perched on her haunches within a Swarovski crystal accented circle.  Recalling T.S. Elliot's...
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Reticulated Dog/It's a Dog's Life
    This unique Reticulated Dog pendant is surrounded by Italian Enamel and 24 kt Vermeil.  The reverse side features fine Italian enamels hand-applied over a delicate guilloche core.
  • Front
    $260.00 $155.00 Reticulated Elephant
    Perfect (in red, of course) for the "Delta" in your life -- or in any color for the countless elephant aficionados out there, this wonderful bauble features an exquisite sterling elephant centered within a Swarovski...
  • Reticulated Ladybug Festival
    $170.00 $100.00 Reticulated Ladybug Festival
    This delightful pendant features reticulated enameled leaves awash in a spray of tiny ladybugs.  Enamel colors may vary, but the charm and warmth evoked by this piece is truly something to behold. 

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